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Use Your Inside Voices: 60-75 MINS

“Use your inside voice” does not simply mean, quiet down and lower your voice it is a metaphor for listening to the voice within. In this presentation, Shaun explains the importance of what thoughts and voice to listen to within oneself. Through entertaining and amusing anecdotes from his most troublesome years in grade school Shaun will take you on a journey that will help you to:

  • Recognize the importance of internal dialogue and positive thinking
  • Learn how to quiet the noise of outside negative influences
  • Gain strategies on how to reinforce the positive voice on the inside
Topics covered: Self Confidence, Bully Prevention, Finding Passion

Dreams & Detours: 60 - 75 MINS

On our personal journeys, we come across many paths. Some of these paths lead to a dead-end road and some lead to viable opportunities. But how can one tell the difference? Through music and dance, Shaun teaches young people how to not only ask the right questions but to ask the right people when it comes to their future. Through this interactive keynote, audience members will leave feeling challenged to:

  • Use their own experiences to help navigate the roads of adolescence
  • Create a personal road map that falls in line with their goals
  • Implement and maintain positive habits to keep them on track
Topics Covered: Healthy Choices, Peer Influence, Goal Setting and Execution


Small World, B.I.G. YOU: 40 - 45 MINS

"How BIG is your dream?" Shaun boldly asks in his captivating workshop, Small World, BIG YOU! Shaun will take students on a journey into the minds of some of the most successful leaders of our time outlining their challenges and pointing out similarities that we all have to these powerful individuals. In this interactive workshop, Shaun challenges participants to be B.I.G. in their community and personal life. Individuals will walk away feeling inspired and armed with the key components needed to start taking B.I.G actions, TODAY!

Topics covered: Imagination, Public Responsibilty, Leadership

Use Your Inside Voices: 45 – 55 MINS

"When we're young, we have a special voice that tells us we can do anything. As we grow, that voice begins to fade... And sometimes it disappears completely," Shaun, the creator and workshop facilitator, explains.

In this hands-on workshop, Shaun presents delivers one of his best workshops yet as participants are introduced to the world of public speaking. "The most powerful human beings are the ones who are able to speak up for themselves and others," Shaun explains. Whether your passion is to speak out against bullying or speaking up when choosing a college to attend, this presentation will challenge its listeners to to dig deep and locate what it is that makes them happy and then learn to speak from that premise whenever making decisions.

Topics covered: Self Confidence, Public Speaking, Social Skills, Goal-Setting

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